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Learning Kitds

鹏利从事纸品玩具逾廿载,业务遍布欧、美、澳等七大洲五十余国,深受客户如塔吉特、玩具反斗城、马莎百货等国际知名企业青睐。随着中国经济的高速发展,我们深明「孩子是我们的未来」,教育是中国的国策大事。于是,我们心中便萌生一个理想,就是亲手打造一套适合中国的幼儿启蒙学习游戏教材– Learning Kitds,帮助儿童如何学习才能有更大的发展,更重要的是如何在快乐中学习。

Panley has been engaging in paper toys over 20 years. Our business spreads all over the world in more than fifty countries and gains well-known international companies’ favor such as Target, Toys R Us, Marks & Spencer and more. With China’s rapid economic development, we are well aware “Children are Our Future”. Education is China’s national policy in priority. So, an ideal initiation is generated in our heart. We want to build up a series of enlightened learning materials suitable for Chinese children – Learning Kitds, helps children have greater development in learning and more important is how to learn in a happy environment.
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